Lower Case ‘G’

A statement written for the burned-out skeleton of a church near St. Louis’ Grand Center. The snark levels in this one are dramatically reduced, making it verge upon genuine, for better or worse.


Lower Case ‘G’.
This edifice, a skeletal form evoking the architectural grandiosity of structures devoted to divine worship, was constructed to call into question ‘mainstream’ religion’s fixation with the ‘manmade’. When walking into this faux-building, instead of seeing the iconographies of piety, one only sees the sky. Blasphemy to some, but indeed what is more sacred than the celestial? The juxtaposition between the indoors and outdoors prompts the visitor to ask “what makes a place of worship ‘holy’?”. A rock forged into a church wall is sacred, but one on the ground is secular? This hollow monument itself slowly returns to Mother Earth, overtaken by the flash oxidation of fire and slow erosion of the sun and rain. Entropy ultimately retaking its position as one of the true gods.