This work is not in the usual Declare it Art style, but let’s stretch the definition of DIA just a little. OK? Good.

I put up these signs around Cherokee Street in St. Louis. My goal was to create a sort of video game tutorial level that you’d discover as you walked down the street.

I could argue that the piece is about the choices that we make in our lives. While our actions might not be as explicit as pressing a button on a controller, we still make active choices at every moment. I could also say that the piece makes a statement about our lives, and how the complexities of the real world reject the simple binary choices presented to us in games.

I dunno. Those ideas (and a few others) are certainly there if you want to look for them. I also thought it would be fun to see (rather dark) real-world analogs of the video game tutorials I grew up with as I walked down the street, for whatever that’s worth.