You Are Here

It’s fairly easy at this point to make each crumbling city alleyway into a statement about decay and all that stuff. I figured it’d be more of a challenge to put a positive spin on objects that are in disrepair.


You Are Here.
At first this piece appears to imply disgust and disdain for the neighborhood. However, this art, taking the form of a sign, in disrepair and defaced with glue and grime, is in actuality a celebration of an unpredictable and vibrant world. To catalogue (as mankind is wont to do) the wealth of human experience that exists on this “strip” of commercial properties is to do the area of disservice. This directory promises the idea of an easy answer, a way for a newcomer to gain his/her bearings in order to make an “informed” decision of where to go. By having such a map all-but unreadable, this piece reminds the observer that life is about chance rather than choice.
The best way to “familiarize” oneself to the area, even (or perhaps especially as) a new visitor or transplant, is to wander, eliciting eye-contact from the street’s wide-range of personalities. These characters, hired by the artist to represent the quintessential (or clichéd) varied sub-cultures prevalent to the greater metropolitan area, expand this piece into an interactive wonderland (a microcosm of the city, the country and the world).